My name is John Kalogerinis.

Welcome to my personal space on the Web!

I am a web developer / programmer from Greece.

For more than ten years now, I live, study and work in Patras ... Greece!

I am interested in ...

many things! My hobbies include strategy games, storymaking, tennis & volleyball. Work related, however:


C, C#, Java, Python.

Adequate knowledge of these, having used them for various projects. In addition, I can play around with Matlab and LaTeX.

Web Technologies

Html, CSS, PhP, Javascript.

More experienced here - I like building websites from scratch!

Game Design

Board & Computer.

Mainly lore weaving and rule making, but also applications in C or C#.

... and Teaching!

C, Java, Scratch.

Private tutoring for students. Voluntary work in class. Finally, experience as Lab Assistant in the University!


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